Selasa, 17 Januari 2017

Steps of My Success Life

        Every human is born as a competitive creature. It is all started when one sperm is racing to get into the female's ovum. From thousand until million sperm, there is only one sperm can succeed to get into ovum. And then, the match between sperm and ovum will formed as a zygot, and will end as a baby that born in the world. 
        As time passed by, baby is growing older and learning a lot of things that important to their future. The competion between human is never gonna be ended. They will always trying to be the best or the most success people. So do I as a human, my life is can't be separated from competition against the other human. For example, when i try to get into senior high school, i have to beat the other student to get into a good school. 
          Although human is always compete with each other, human can't live alone in this world. Just like me, i can't be a success people if i'm not trying my best and do anything else. So in this part, i will try to tell you about my steps to reach my dream and be a success people.
         First, i always try to be closer to my mighty God, Allah SWT. Because i am a moslem, i have to pray 5 times a day and do  whatever that can make me always remember Allah SWT. Beside to remember my God, i always pray in order to gain a 'ridlo' from Allah SWT. So that, my path to be a success people is always blessed by Allah SWT. 
             Second, i have to be an optimistic people and do my best at everything that happen in my life. For example, i'm as a student have to learn diligently. Although it is hard and not easy,but as a student we have to try our best for our better future.
              Last, i always try to be a good boy and never break my parents's rules. So that, my parents will keep praying the best for me and support me for everything that i want in the future. Because, my parents's blessing will help me in my path to become a success people. In my religion, it said that my God blessing is depend on parents's blessing. 

Senin, 14 November 2016

Russia vs USA War: Putin Bans Microsoft In Government Offices; Scared Of US Hackers?

(Argument) The Russia vs USA war is getting more complicated every day. According to the most recent update(Contra) Russian President Vladimir Putin has banned all US products in government offices. And, the first company targeted is Microsoft.

(Contra) Putin’s plan is to use no US products in government offices. He does not want even the state-controlled companies to use any US software. Russian offices are in the process of replacing US products with Russian counterparts. A US intelligence official has revealed that Moscow offices are replacing Microsoft products.

(Argument) The Russia vs USA war is not limited to products only. (Pro) Russia has also blocked US websites like LinkedIn. Microsoft has plans to buy the networking site. (Contra) So, Putin may be targeting Microsoft in particular.

According to the senior intelligence official, Putin is targeting Bill Gates’ company because it is the biggest American name in information technology.(Argument) The official believes Putin may find it easy to convince his people that the US company works for the US intelligence.

(Argument) Putin’s decision to ban Microsoft may have a lot to do with hacking. (Pro) Earlier, Washington formally blamed Russia for trying to influence the US presidential elections. (Argument) Many believe Russia is behind the cyber-attack the USA suffered earlier.

(Argument) US hackers may retaliate and try to hack Russian computers. According to Brookings Institution’s Fiona Hill, Russia is tightening up cyber security even more now.

“It is a signal that the Russians really mean business now about nationalizing the internet and making sure they can create their own secure content,” the senior fellow said.

(Pro) Microsoft has clarified its stand regarding the issue. Dominic Carr has said spying is never on the company’s agenda. The general manager for public affairs has said the company does not work for any government to spy on people. “We never would,” he emphasized.


Colour Yellow shows ARGUMENT
Colour Green shows CONTRA
Colour Blue shows PRO

After i show you the article above, i will tell you my own comments for this article and what is underlie me to classify each phrase into 3 classes, there are argument phrases, pro phrases, and contra phrases.

I think the writer of this article is pro to USA”Government than to Russia’s Government. Because the writer is coming from USA, so of course he will protect his country. At pro side, the writer shows that USA is not doing anything wrong and doesn’t inflict the other. At contra side, the writer shows the Russia’s statement that inflict to USA at any sector, for example at this article Russia ban Microsoft. And the last, at argument side it shows the fact and news that contributed the writer to write his article.

Minggu, 06 November 2016

Procedure Video Assignment

Make Your Own Tissue Holder !

Hi everyone!, At this time I will tell you about how to make you own tissue holder! Yes, it is really simple and easy to make.

First, all you need to do is preparing the materials and tools that you will need to make this tissu holder.

Below this, it's the list that you will have to prepared :
        a. 1 Small Cardboard Box
        b. Colourful Kokuro Papers
        c. Little Decoration
        d. Zipper
        e. Scissor
        f. Cutter
        g. Glue

And then we're ready to make it. The steps to make it is shown below, don't forget to read it carefully !

       a. First, take a cardboard box and make a little hole above it. This hole is used as the tissue access.
       b. Second, cover all of the cardboard box with colourful Kokuro Papers, it is up to you to use any colour that you like !
       c. Third, after the box have been covered with Kokuro Papers, you just have to add decorations on it, you just have to use your imagination to make it more beautiful !
       d. Fourth, to refill the tissue in the future, you just have to stick the zipper at the box's belowest side, so the belowest side can be locked and opened to refill the tissue.
       e. At last, your own tissue holder is ready to use !

So it is very simple right ? Well, good luck practising !

Minggu, 16 Oktober 2016

English Essay

Upgrading' Our Country With Modern Technology
 By Fadel Nararia Rahman

        Today we are living in a modern era. Most of our everyday needs is based by high technology. It feels like we can't be separated from that techology, especially information technology. The very simple example from our daily life such as our 'relationship' with our smartphone. Most of our time is used to check our smartphone and do anything with it. Sometimes it is a useful thing, but mostly is not. We just doing something unproductive things and that is really wasting our time. Maybe we forget what is the function of our smartphone. The smartphone is designed to help us doing something productive things. That's why the researcher always trying to find something better to help our daily life more easier and efficient. But in fact, in our daily life we just look like a smartphone's servant. 
            In our country, Indonesia smartphone is look like an important things and all of the citizen must have it. For example, in my daily life the boy who doesn't have a smartphone will be a bully object and expelled from the community. They will say that the boy who doesn't have it is an old-fashioned people and not rich. So the effect is the parents will be demanded by their children to buy a smartphone for them. So in some case the parents can't argue their children and finally they buy it for their children. At the other side, the educational system ask the student to know the lesson by their own. It means that the student must have a tool to support their study. For example, the teacher give a homework that is nothing on the student's book. So the student have to search it on internet.
            From some fact that have been mentioned above, we as the student, teenager, and citizen of Indonesia, we have to be smart and wise when using this high technology tool like smartphone. We need to use this tool to help our life and our study. We can reach anything that we want provide that we can take advantage from it. It can help us learn the lesson on the school. It can help us finding something important such as an information for something. And it can help us to communicste with our friends and community.
           Our government itself is pay a big attention to our national's technology growthment. Because the government hope that with the good information technology will help and support us as the teenager and the next national's leader become a success and smart people. And finally the main mission is to bring Indonesia become a big country and highly regarded with the other country ind the world. So i think,  we have to keep our government's hope and 'upgrade' our lifestyle with the better one. With the new lifestlye i think it will bring us to a better future and chane our vision about how to maximize the function of our smartphone.

Selasa, 20 September 2016

English Assignment - Historical Event Essay

Hi Guys! today i want to post one of my assignment about historical event essay that i have sent to Trinity College for joining Trinity College Essay Competition. I hope you will enjoy this post and like it !!

The Bandung Conference  

         What is Bandung Conference? Bandung Conference is an international meeting and conference that unite the newly independent countries from Asia and Africa, which took places at Bandung April 18-24th 1955. This conference is the first international conference in Indonesia that had been held by five countries, they were Indonesia, Burma (now is Myanmar), Ceylon (now is Sri Lanka), India, and Pakistan. Bandung Conference’s purpose is to promote the economic and culture cooperation between the Asian and African’s countries. The mission is to against the colonialism and neocolonialisme that come from U.S., Uni Soviet (now is Russia), and the other imperialism countries. 
         There is one thing that makes Bandung Conference is really important to be held. At that time, there is a Cold War that confrontate Liberalism from U.S and Communist from Uni Soviet. This war is to compete which side that succeed to influence most of country in the world. Several country that become target to influence is the newly independent country, such as little country in Africa and Asia including Indonesia. So because of this situation, the Bandung Conference’s pioneer (Indonesia, Burma, Ceylon, India, and Pakistan) is eventually held this conference to create a cooperation that rise against that Cold War influence and together with the other 29 countries. 
          As the result, there are 10 points that called “Dasasila Bandung”. It contains the concept of how to keep the world’s harmony and good cooperation between every country. This concept including some principle from the United Nations Charter and Nehru’s Principle. After the Bandung Conference held, the relationship between the countries from Asia and Africa become really good and harmonic.  
           I think there are so many incredible things that we can take from that historical event and practice it in our daily life. First, its high tolerance. We know that the culture from the Asian country and African country is really different. Moreover this 29 country are not knowing each other yet before. But with the high tolerance, they can understanding each other and not becoming racism. All of them become one and become a good ‘friends’. Second, the leader’s thought that makes the Bandung Conference happen. The leader’s visionaire thought can be our motivation and inspiration, that we are as a human we have to be clever and be kind to every people. Third, the effect of Bandung Conference is a new spirit for the unindependent country in Asia and Africa to be free from the colonialism. The unindependent country will see that the independent country is free to make a choices and feel enthusiastic to be free. 
            So, the Bandung Conference event is really important to be remembered and to be memorized in our mind. Because it was a really great history that concern so many country in 
Asia and Africa. It contains such a complex stuff in the Bandung Conference’s result. Because of that we can’t forget it and we have to keep the good points from that and practice it everyday. 

And this is the prove that i have sent this essay to Trinity College Essay Writing Competition..

Senin, 19 September 2016

Job Application Letter Testimony

Hi Everyone ! here is my testimony video on youtube! so please watch and like it!

Thank You

Senin, 05 September 2016

English Assignment Job Vacancy Application Form

English Assignment
Job Vacancy Application Form

1. Company's Job Vacancy

Bandung, 7 September 2016

Attention :

Personel Manager of P.T. Bank Central Asia Indonesia
Menara BCA, Grand Indonesia
Jl. M. H. Thamrin No. 1
Jakarta Pusat

Dear Sir/madam,

Refer to your requirement advertised in Job Website July 23rd 2015, I am interested to join and to contribute with your respected company.

I am twenty years old, single, and in good health condition. I was graduated from Bandung Institute of Technology in 2010. My scholastic record is satisfactory and also skilled at Business and  Management duties. I have a good analysis, can communicate both English and Indonesian fluently, can build a good relationships with the others, a good desire achievers, and qualified for the selection.\

Now, I am working at Jawa Barat Local Bank as a business management staff. I am willing to learn and work very well with others and anxious to put my knowledge into practical. Enclosed is my resume and latest photographs for your review and consideration.

I hope you will grant me an interview and the opportunity to give you more details about myself.

Yours faithfully,

Fadel Nararia Rahman